Signature11 provides broad-based project development services to our clients and partners, coordinating the financing, planning, design, and construction of large-scale real estate projects. We focus on project types that pose unique challenges due to their size, complexity, and specialized uses.

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Through careful understanding and analysis of your business and operating plan, Signature11 works with our clients to program the building, create agreed upon design standards, establish marketability criteria, and develop comfortable budgetary parameters for early certainty of final costs. Our team works from specifications and scheduling guidelines to which you have agreed and takes on all the responsibility, providing construction, development services, architecture, engineering, interiors, executing the project plan, and delivering a timely, ready to use, completed building.

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Signature11‘s capabilities and experience in interior fit-out enable large-scale projects to be carried out to the highest standards, and within the given cost and time frames.

Our engineers and technicians ensure your ideas are safely implemented into their creative designs. The composite materials that we use allow us to combine requirements that might otherwise seem contradictory – such as refining interiors with real wood surfaces – while meeting strict acoustic and fire protection requirements.

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We have years of experience and expertise in the sales and purchasing of good quality construction equipment worldwide. We specialize in buying and selling of all types of construction, trucks, trailers and crane equipment.

iDARE is the combination of scientists and engineers from Oil & Gas industry that are experts in digital technology. Our mission is to transform the oil & gas industry work culture with 21st Century technology by building a single intelligent digital eco-system (iDES) that operates and interacts utilizing an intelligent design automation (iDEA), an intelligent predictive analytics computation system (iPACS) and an intelligent knowledge development (iKNOW).

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