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The number 11 signifies a start of something new. The number 11 comes with new possibilities, something never-seen-before.

Signature11 is a symbol of potential and opportunity, a number defining the avant-garde, a brand which promises to deliver a signature lifestyle. Signature11 focuses on construction excellence and is confident about it’s alignment with client’s and city’s needs. Signature11 promises top-notch client service and incomparable delivery.

If we take a bit of a look at the past, Signature11’s founder, S A Chowdhury Sohel had co-founded Spacezero and Volumezero developments almost a decade ago. In this time, Spacezero and Volumezero influenced the real estate landscape of the country through sustainable development. Spacezero’s Simpletree Anarkali upon Gulshan Avenue is the first LEED Gold Certified commercial building of the country while Simpletree Lighthouse, Shahjalal Islami Bank CHQ and all other projects followed the footsteps of the magnum opus to validate environmental responsiveness.

Beyond world-class construction projects, Spacezero never shied away from it’s Corporate Social Responsibilities through social engagement. Spacezero had generously contributed towards the construction of Institute of Architects, Bangladesh; various publications by students of Architectural schools all-over Bangladesh, National level symposiums etc. In 2016 Spacezero was also recognized as one of the Highest Taxpayer in the real estate category, a legacy it repeated in 2017.

Being a part of this exciting venture for a decade which completed state of the art construction projects such as Simpletree Anarkali, Simpletree Hashi, Simpletree Shanur, Simpletree Ayesha, Simpletree Thikana, Akij House, Shahjalal Islami Bank Headquarters, S A Chowdhury Sohel has decided it’s time to have a fresh start and pursue his unique visions and ideas which align with the city’s needs. Hence the birth of Signature11, a company built based on his understandings and learnings.

the founder



S A Chowdhury Sohel has attracted critical acclaim and recognition for his entrepreneurial skills and professional preciosity in the field of construction industry. He also has the reputation of administering businesses in the state of art management  techniques and applications.

Sohel aspires to usher in the wider field of building industry services. He pledged to thrive to combine the challenges of the time-bound realities of space with the endless possibilities of dynamic innovations in creative design.